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Environmental Policy


Central Concrete Supply, Inc., a U.S. Concrete company, is dedicated to protect, preserve, and improve the quality of our environment to support healthy communities, conserve natural resources, and reduce environmental impacts. To that end, Central Concrete is committed to the following:

Meet or Exceed Governmental Requirements

Central Concrete will fully comply with the terms and conditions of all permits, approvals, and all applicable environmental laws and regulations

Empower Employees

Through training, develop our employees’ awareness of environmental objectives, policies and best practices, including their responsibilities and obligations under the law. The full participation and commitment of all employees, throughout the Company, is expected.

Strive to Reduce the Environmental Impact of our Operations

Constantly strive to improve, implement and embrace operational practices that are responsive to growing environmental challenges. These practices include:

  • Measuring our carbon footprint and emissions
  • Monitoring, and continually seeking ways to reduce and control air emissions.
  • Adopt practices that use renewable energy.
  • Manage water, solids, materials, and chemicals in an appropriate manner, including the recycling and reuse of all possible materials.
  • Appropriately manage hazardous materials and continually strive to find and utilize non-hazardous alternatives.

Review and Improve Practices

Central Concrete will regularly review its practices and programs and continuously develop new goals and procedures to ensure improvements.

Responsible Stewards

In summary, Central Concrete believes in a proactive approach to environmental stewardship. We are committed to environmental compliance, establishing best practices through employee training and adoption, and embracing operational practices that promote resource sustainability and reduce energy and material needs.

This policy applies to all of Central Concrete’s activities and employees. A copy of this policy will be available on our web site at



Herb Burton

Vice President & General Manager
Central Concrete Supply, Inc., A U.S. Concrete Company